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Corporate Fashion Full Service
since 1988

Do you need  help designing your  Textiles and don't know which product to choose?  
We are happy to help with our long-standing professional expertise.


sewing machine


Embroidery, printing, and much more. - with us you will find what you are looking for. We offer a wide variety of different  Finishing techniques.

Not sure which finishing method  is right for you?  

Here we show and explain the individual techniques to you.


Let yourself be drawn to a multitude of  Product examples  to inspire. Here you will find creative input.

We will also show you which brands we work with and for which customers we are already finishing textiles  were allowed to.


"Embroidery Klam was allowed to produce bistro and bib aprons for us. Our high expectations were fully met through high-quality workmanship and punctual delivery."

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"We not only place very high demands on ourselves, but also on our partners. KLAM has been our partner of choice in the field of textile finishing for many years and ensures that our award-winning corporate design (German Brand Award 2017 and 2019) also is representet in the clothing sector. "


From one piece

We offer you our finishing service from the very first piece 

3D embroidery

A pad enables us to add volume to your embroidery. The 3D embroidery is particularly recommended for  Caps and hats


Express delivery

We embroider all kinds of textiles for you. Regardless of whether it is a branded item, organic or fair trade - we refine and deliver it.


Direct embroidery

The motif of your choice is embroidered directly onto the textile - without intermediate material or underlays

We can produce for you and give you the  Send goods


A textile base material, the so-called patch, is embroidered here and can then be sewn anywhere on the garment

Extremely high quality at a fair price

With every order, our top priority is to provide you with the best possible quality products.

Express orders

you need embroidered textiles within  the shortest possible time? Take a deep breath!  

With our serviceyou can receive your order within 24 hours. 

Everything is possible

We are a full service textile finishing company.

Consulting, conception, design, production and shipping - all from a single source.

 Textile finishing with

no limits.

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