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Corporate fashion full service

everything is possible

We support you through every designing step of your corporate fashion project. We offer you fitting services that will help you to get the perfect solution tailored to your needs.  


Competent advice is our top priority. Together we will coordinate your wishes and advise you comprehensively on design, optimal cuts and functional materials - for a result that meets the highest demands.


Textiles, accessories, advertising material - do you have special requirements for your branding? After a detailed consultation, we will create an individual concept for you. Idea, article selection, sampling, finishing and production - we hold the strings together for you.


We create the design for your individual corporate collection - through the optimal selection of colors, cuts, materials and finishing techniques .

Making-of: How is a cap embroidered?

How is a collection created?

Klam_Kollektion_Zeichenfläche 1.jpg

Idea and advice

We define your goals and wishes together.



Accordingly, we create design proposals tailored to the corresponding CI of you or your customer.



Samples are manufactured; there are different approaches here. Creation of size sets based on stock goods and/or in connection with an original sample in already dyed fabric or original fabric in a similar color.



After approval of lab dips, original samples and, if necessary, size sets, we start production.



After a careful in-house quality check, we would be happy to deliver your goods directly to your customer also in a strictly neutral manner if wished.


Contact us and for further information or to have concepts and designs offered by our customer advisors. Your aspirations are our motivation. 

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