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Stickerei Klam Veredlung

Get to know our finishing techniques


We offer three different types of embroidery finishing  for your desired embroidery.

There is something for everyone here. 


Direct embroidery


3D embroidery

The motif of your choice is embroidered directly onto the textile - without intermediate material or underlays

The stick takes place  on a patch, which is then sewn anywhere on the textile

A pad enables us to add volume to your stick. Many of our customers prefer the 3D stick for caps and hats

Textiles can be refined in different ways. However, the main types of finishing are related to embroidery and printing. We would be happy to advise you on choosing the right method.


In embroidery, thread is embroidered in and onto the textiles. Compared to printing, the embroidery offers the great advantage that it is washable and colourfast and, thanks to its high durability, is long-lasting. As soon as an embroidery pattern has been worked out, it can be replicated as often as required, which means that subsequent deliveries are easily possible.


Logos, slogans and even pictures can be transferred to textiles using screen or digital printing. Printing is therefore a quite versatile method for refining textiles.



The quality of the textiles will exactly match your expectations. We advise you on the selection of the brand and the textile composition in order to achieve the best result together with you


We are able to handle orders from ONE  to realize and refine up to over 100,000 pieces of clothing


We would be happy to send you a cost estimate. Simply contact us or fill out the short inquiry form

Express orders

As part of an express order, we can produce, refine and ship the number of items you require within a very short time

Product test

So that you can convince yourself of the quality of our stick or print, we will be happy to send you a corresponding sample on request


The textiles that we source for your orders meet the highest quality standards - we have had this confirmed

Aroused interest?

Register at any time for a non-binding and free initial consultation, using the inquiry form or telephone call!

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